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Organic Baby Food Sri Lanka opened it’s doors in late 2016 with the vision to bring the best quality organic baby food to babies in Sri Lanka. In doing so, we’ve managed to make so many babies happy and have grown to be the most trusted baby food retailer among parents in Sri Lanka. In the last two years, we’ve worked hard to develop strong relationships with some of the most highly sought-after organic baby food brands in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe to make accessible a wide range of quality organic baby food in the Sri Lankan market ♥

Why Organic?

Developing organs of a baby In their early months,  are not strong enough to filter harmful chemicals in the day-to-day food we eat. Modern farming practices utilize a myriad of pesticides during production, processing, storage, and transport resulting in contamination of the food we eat. Consuming these harmful chemicals can have a detrimental effect on the organs of a developing baby and even can lead to devastating health complications later on in their adulthood. All caring parents take good care when preparing meals for their babes, however, the unfortunate reality is that it’s almost impossible to remove all the harmful chemicals in ingredients we feed our babies with. Organic food, on the other hand, are grown chemical free and are certified “Organic” by independent bodies. Choosing Organic means you are feeding your baby with the safest and nutritious food available. They also taste great so your baby will love eating them too ♥

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